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Students can apply to become a part of the Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation for the spring semester. Participation in this studio will serve as an engaged learning experience to apply disciplinary knowledge and gain skills in problem-framing, problem-solving, and collaboration. Students will also gain real world experiences by working with community partners in Alamance County, including the Wellness and Food Collaboratives, to understand the local community and create change. Students will be able to demonstrate to future employers these skills with specific examples from the collaborative experiences.


Students will be granted the following credits towards their academic curriculum.


Student FAQ

Faculty and Staff

As we engage design thinking in our liberal arts education at Elon, we recognize the interdisciplinary nature of the challenges faced by Alamance County’s food and wellness collaborative. We welcome diverse perspectives and knowledge to add depth to our projects and overall insights.

Would you want to come and speak to our class and apply your expertise to our process?

Are you interested in incorporating design thinking and social innovation strategies into your classroom?

Feel free to contact us!

Community Members

Through our projects, we serve as effective contributors to positive change in Alamance County. We are currently partnering with the Alamance Wellness and Food Collaboratives and welcome any help or expertise from the community. We want to provide a space for communication and collaboration between our cohort and the greater community.

Have any questions or insights into our projects? We would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us!