Our Work

Design Sprints

This course is structured by “design sprints,” or one to two week design thinking iterations, that require the cohort to work through Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test days. 

Learn more about our practice design sprints here!

Design Challenges

At the B•HIVE, we regularly engage in a series of “Design Thinking Challenges.” These challenges assign small groups with competitive objectives in which we are encouraged to complete seemingly impossible tasks in a short amount of time. While these challenges are fun, they are intended to foster team building, creative thinking, and problem solving skills. 

Learn more about the individual design challenges here!

Community Projects

In addition to the various design challenges, we also engage in activities that build our knowledge of and interaction with the community. These include our Uncovering Alamance projects, our COR Capstones, and our cohort’s community wellness project.

Check out our community projects here!