Community Projects

Uncovering Alamance

This project was created to engage our cohort with the “Social Innovation” aspect of the B•Hive’s mission. We were asked to explore Burlington, Graham, Mebane and an additional community site of our choice (i.e. Green Level, Alamance, Snow Camp, Glencoe, Swepsonville, Haw River). The only rules were that we had to visit these additional sites in interdisciplinary pairs, each pair visiting a different additional site. We were encouraged to visit our site multiple times: the first time to get acquainted with the town and community members, and additional times to dive a bit deeper. In our pairs, we then gathered observations, notes on conversations, and site research to brainstorm a thematic emphasis. With this, we created an artifact to paint a picture of the Alamance county we experienced.

Here is what we came up with:

Laurel + Charlie (*Glencoe) — Outdoor Wellness Website

Katherine + Elena (*Snow Camp) — Uncovering Alamance County scrapbook

Sabrina + Claire (*Alamance) — “Restoration Alamance” table toppers

Mikey + Leah (*Haw River) — Uncovering Alamance prezi


* = Additional site

Wellness Project

For our final projects, our cohort split up into two teams. One team focused on creating and facilitating workshops within the community, sharing principles of empathy and SCRUM with Burlington Rec & Parks, the Health Department, and Burlington Communications. The other team worked on a resource site for those wanting to develop the following mindsets: empathy, creativity, and innovation. This site also offers resources specific to Alamance County, such as collaborative spaces and the county’s calendar of events.

Check out the Resources Site here!

Core Capstone Projects

The Elon Core Curriculum states that the Core Capstone project is a “substantial interdisciplinary project that integrates and applies what students have experienced through their studies at Elon.” This includes anything from first-year courses to study abroad experiences.

Feel free to track our progress in our Capstone projects through blog posts, available here!


Sabrina Tuton-Filson (Photo Story) — Support Local Farmers, Alamance County, NC