Community Partners

About the Wellness Collaborative

The Alamance Wellness Collaborative’s mission is to create an environment in which Alamance residents have access to healthy opportunities. The Wellness Collaborative works to achieve this goal through a variety of community-based programs—facilities that encourage physical activity, healthy food outlets, healthy school environments—and the economic base to support them.

The Wellness Collaborative is a 30-member coalition formed in early 2015 composed of representatives from public health, city planning, business, education, parks and recreation, non-profit organizations, and others. Several of these members are key decision makers in their respective organizations and all are working to implement strategies to improve the built environment throughout Alamance County.

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About the Food Collaborative

The Burlington Food Collaborative is a sustainable food system of local farmers, businesses, and non-profit organizations that are working together to increase access to fresh food in North Park and the surrounding community. The food collaborative strives to make The North Park Farmers’ Market a healthy, educated community that engages authentic relationships among our farmers and neighbors.

Their efforts have increased access to healthy food, planned land use, composed strategic and policy plans, and increased economic development. Together, the members in the collaborative are making Alamance County a leader for local, affordable, and healthy food in North Carolina.

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What is the Community Issue for the Semester?

Wellness touches many aspects of the region, from access to healthy food and recreation options, public health, poverty, and transportation, just to name a few. We have partnered with the Alamance County Wellness Collaborative, a group comprised on experts from non-profit organizations; local government, parks and recreation, and city planning offices; hospitals; and local colleges, who have joined forces to identify and tackle wellness-related issues in the county.  We are not experts in wellness, but we are using design thinking and our partners to learn as we go.