About Us – 2018 Cohort

Charlie Cheema

Charlie is a Human Services Studies major with a minor in Adventure Based Learning. Charlie loves music, sports, legos, and anything outdoors, and he is participating in the Design Thinking Studio because of his distaste for traditional classroom settings.

Hometown: Wilmington, NC
Favorite sport: Volleyball
Favorite movie: Hoodwinked
Favorite ice cream: Rocky Road

Katherine Evans

Katherine is a junior at Elon University, where she studies Sociology and Professional Writing. On campus, she serves as the President of Elon College Democrats and works in the Writing Center as a Writing Consultant. Originally from Washington, D.C., Katherine is passionate about racial and gender equality, and hopes to one day become a lawyer. She joined the Design Thinking Studio to burst her “Elon Bubble,” and to learn how to actively make a difference in her community. You will never see Katherine without her coffee. Her favorite foods are a tie between avocados and brussels sprouts. In her free time, you will find her talking to anyone and everyone, singing to the radio, or snuggling with her cat, Willow.

Mikey Gibeley

Mikey Gibeley lives for the adventure. He is a junior at Elon University majoring in Human Service Studies with minors in Adventure Based Learning and Psychology. He is participating in the Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation for a more experiential and immersive semester of learning. On campus, he is a member of New Student Orientation Head Staff, Student Government Association, and the student co-coordinator for Adventures in Leadership. You can usually find him working at the library, running, searching around campus for dogs, or telling self deprecating jokes. He is ALWAYS having fun.

Elena Hernandez

Elena is a Communication Design major with a double minor in Digital Art and Photography. She has been studying Communications and design since high school and is involved with student media at Elon University, designing for Elon Campus Recreation and The Pendulum. She's a swiftie who enjoys hanging out with friends, expressing her creativity by making clay charms, painting nail art, or creating digital paintings.

Claire Stanovich

Who: Claire Stanovich What: Junior. Community Seeker. Sandwich Enthusiast. Sweet Tea Lover. Culture Creator. When: Living in the present while slightly planning for the future. Always. Where: Outside, probably. Why: Alamance County holds many places so close to my heart. It’s a place that I want to dive deeper into. When you get the opportunity to work with and study a place you begin to gain a greater appreciation for it. I want to experience Alamance County.

Sabrina Tuton-Filson

Sabrina is a Junior, Professional Writing major with minors in Fine Art and Multimedia Authoring. As a California native, Sabrina is passionate about getting outdoors and supporting healthy environments—for our planet and its wildlife, but also for our communities and their people. Active transportation and healthy eating are two of her top priorities. She is known to daydream about becoming a photojournalist, traveling the world, meeting people, and learning how to cook lots of good (and possibly strange) foods.

Leah Vail

Leah is a junior Creative Writing major from Tampa, FL, Mooresville, NC, and Portland, ME (yikes). During her spare time, she enjoys researching food and nutrition, spending time outside in the sun, painting, volunteering at farm sanctuaries, and finding new and intriguing documentaries to watch. She is super jazzed about the Design Thinking Studio Semester, and she can't wait to gain valuable life and professional skills through the program.

Laurel Wind

Laurel is a junior from Yorktown, VA. She is a Communication Design and Media Analytics double major with minors in Statistics and Digital Art. As a member of this cohort, she is excited to have hands on experience working in the community. Outside of the studio, she can be found in the yearbook office, on a run, or on the air.