The Full Farm-to-Table Experience

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As someone from California, I have eaten at many, many farm-to-table restaurants. I love the idea of restaurants buying directly from farmers, supporting the local economy and environment, not to mention eating more nutrient-dense foods. But, I have a confession: I had never actually been to the farms that supplied these farm-to-table restaurants, let alone met the farmers who harvested the food. I am happy to report that has changed!

I have heard so much about Reverence Farms Café since coming to Elon. And last weekend, during the Piedmont Farm Tour, I finally had an excuse to go. Luckily, I had a friend with a car who wanted to go too.

Reverence Farms Café is located just off Highway 87 in rural Saxapahaw. It is marked by a statue of a rooster that is easily 15 feet tall—hard to miss. The café looks like an unassuming, prefab home on the outside, but has a lively, charming, contemporary space inside. When we stepped through the front door, we were warmly greeted by a woman behind the pastry counter. Although it was hard, I restrained myself from buying one of their delicious treats before lunch and followed the hostess over to our table. As soon as she laid down the menus, I spotted five things that I wanted to try. Thanks to the “Vegan” and “Vegan Upon Request” notations, ordering was a piece of cake. Well, that’s if you don’t count trying to decide on just one entree!

I ended up going with the Oyster Mushroom Po’Girl and a side of the sweet potato vegetable hash. It was incredible! Katherine ordered the Haw River Melt with a house-made mushroom and black bean burger, and gave it a very high rating as well. After our meal, I was even more curious to learn about the farm and the farm owner that had made our lunch possible. Since the farm was just five miles away from the café, this was a piece of cake.

I would highly recommend looking into getting a tour of Reverence Farms, or another local farm nearest you! Learning about where your food comes from, who harvests it, etc. is truly eye-opening. To read more about my experience, check out the photo story I created here!

Written by: Sabrina Tuton-Filson